The Friendly Spike Theatre Band

Since 1989 Friendly Spike has staged community productions by and about the survivor/mad/disability communities. Participation by members of the community portrayed is central to our mandate of inclusion. Toronto, Canada

Listen to Ruth (Ruth) Stackhouse, founding director of the Friendly Spike talk about where her journey in life has taken her:

The Friendly Spike Theatre Band with Ruth Stackhouse Crazy Making

In this episode, I speak with Ruth Stackhouse. She is founder/director of The Friendly Spike Theatre Band, a Mad/Disability People's Theatre, in Toronto. Her unique name stands for 'double mercy', Ruth (Ruth) Stackhouse. She has helped create and present many productions throughout the course of the company's thirty year plus trajectory. She holds an associate degree from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, an Honours BA from The School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University, and a Master of Arts from The School of Critical Disability Studies at York University. Her work toward a Mad/Disability Culture is recognized by the City of Toronto Access Award, and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.
  1. The Friendly Spike Theatre Band with Ruth Stackhouse
  2. The monster of psychiatry with Dr. Lauren Tenney
  3. Disabled/mad/fat bodies: A critical psychiatry look
  4. The pill that steals lives
  5. Disability, race, and mental health
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