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Marked: Living with a Stigma

100 Thousand Poets for Change -Ruth and Honey

Listen to Friendly Spike members being interviewed on Access Radio
during Summer 2021. The 2 part interview runs about 2 hours.
Access Radio is a weekly program broadcast on Wednesdays
at 1pm PST, 4pm EST, on CFRO FM, 100.5, in Vancouver, hosted by Amy Amantea.

The website is
for more info contact

Honey Novick’s Recitation of her Poem

On the night of September 2nd, 1921. May F., a maid for the Medical Superintendent, as well as a psychiatric patent, went outside for a breath of fresh air.

‘Eva Weihs and Rob Italiano as May F. And The Guard in a scene from ‘The Walls Are Alive With The Sounds of Mad People’ (2013)

  • The Walls are Alive With The Sounds of Mad People

    The walls are alive with the Sounds of Mad People

    The walls are alive with the Sounds of Mad People, is a lively historical tour around the psychiatric patient built wall. The company presented this tour a number of times between 2011 and 2013. This reinactment brings into focus the life and experiences of patients in days past of the Queen Street Mental Health Centre.

  • Just Us

    Just Us – A poetry development workshop and presentation at May Robinson Auditorium (2018)

  • Madly I’m Your Fan

    An evening of presentations, remembering the late Leonard Cohen, and celebrating Mad Pride (Toronto, 2017)

  • What’s Next?…The Big C
    ‘What’s Next?…The Big C’  written by Friendly Spike participant Henrik Kartna (Toronto, 2016) 

    Set in a psychiatric ward, the semi-autobiographical play examines the relationship between psychiatric patients and smoking cigarettes, along with it’s potential consequences.

‘Not The Same Old Story-Alternarratives of The Friendly Spike Theatre Band’ (Toronto 2014/15)

A theatrical presentation (2014) and later a published Theatre Review (2015), ‘Not The Same Old Story – AlterNarratives of The Friendly Spike Theatre Band’ features the individual creative journey of many of the company’s participants

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